Update for 12/24

This is

day 2 of (n) (hopefully about 10) of #Op-potentialToKineticTSYS (finishing up the foundational elements to move from building stores of potential energy to going kinetic ) (shifting from motion to progress , capabilities deployment to capacity building )

Day 2 of (forever) of #Op-HomeCampForMaximumProductivityAndHealth

Trying to actually finish off

Yesterday was spent

finishing final HQ optimizations
Finishing optimizing getting my daily / weekly schedule
Finishing optimizing my daily routine (all overhead / maintenance items captured and set for reminders )

My mental energy is now 100% available for focusing on moving the mission forward. Nothing wasted on overhead.

I also automated several things on my phone and computer that i had been doing manually.

Oh also my diet has been brought under control finally. It’s led to much higher levels of focus and throughput.