Update for 10/25/2020

First we start with some behind the scenes stuff:


That is the dashboard for the web cache layer. PHP is what 90% of our applications are written on.


This is a central dashboard that all systems push stats to. It also sends alerts based on thresholds. I’ve not had to tweak it’s out of the box settings.

I’ll have several more Infrastructure pieces operational (again) (redid some things as part of reqfoot spin out) very soon.


Also finishing getting dev tools setup

Good things coming together rapidly.

This all sits on three VMs (srv1/2/3) which runs clustered instances of:








The cluster took a couple days to setup, quite good documentation that I just copy / pasted.

Currently I am setting up K3s cluster (to run all the applications listed on the IT wiki )

( https://rene.jochum.dev/rancher-k3s-with-galera/ ) The control plane will run on srv1/2/3 and workloads will run on srv4/5/6 (which will replace the single www Vm server ) .

I worked with my CIO a good chunk of yesterday to get him better oriented. My plan for today is to get the IT wiki refreshed and work on OAM (operations , admin, management ) portion of the IT todo list. Hoping to have the IT todo list finished by 11/3.

We also experimented with a number of streaming solutions for the purposes of educating others who may want to learn these things . Settled on discord / twitch. Little bit more debugging todo, but should be streaming our build sessions soon.