TSYS update and introduction

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide an update on the Free Network Foundation and the Free Network mission and to introduce the TSYS Group.

I want to take this opportunity to provide an update on recent activity re Free Networks and to map out a potential path forward (via new organizations) and issue a call to action for individuals who want to be involved in any fashion. We are seeking everything from board members to senior leadership at those new organizations.

In 2011 the Free Network Foundation was founded. We went strong for a few years and then went into a maintenance mode. FNF as a state entity is defunct, and also it lost its 501c3 status unfortunately. It may be technically possible to get reinstated , but I don’t believe it to be a practical path to pursue. Currently the mailing list, wiki and (currently mostly empty ) website (which we would really like some volunteers to help restore!) are hosted by TSYS Group.

You can find out more about TSYS Group by visiting https://www.turnsys.com.

I’m the primary founder and sole funder of the group currently. We are actively working on fundraising for both the for profit and non profit aspects of the TSYS group. The FNF wiki is a best effort restoration from backups. If you know of any missing content, please let me know. Volunteers to help restore missing website or wiki content would be much appreciated! Please see https://git.turnsys.com/FNF/FNF-StaticBits/src/branch/master/content-snapshots for more.

The go forward path is via Americans For A Better Network (intent is forming educational 501c3 just like FNF) and Side Door Group (intent is an affiliated 501c4 that extensively lobbies at the state level to repeal legislation passed by incumbents to block alternative networks ). Please see https://nonprofit.turnsys.com for links to all the things.

That also includes links to High Flight Network Operating CoOp. Please also visit https://governance.turnsys.com/ .

If you are interested in participating in any capacity , please let me know. We currently do not have an automated system for account signups. We are manually on-boarding.

Also currently all positions are unfunded. We are working on doing a massive fundraise in Q4 and 2021. The new entities are in a provisional state with minimum BoD. Bylaws need to be written. I want this to be as open and consensus based as possible. We have a provisional board coming together and some early work done on bylaws. If you are interested in helping out, please speak up!

Contact me:

Charles Wyble
Email: charles@turnsys.com
Cell: 818-280-7059
Matrix: @charlesnw:turnsys.com