TSYS Group - Non Profit - (pre pre) kickoff


I would like to begin the process of getting the Turn Net Systems Group (TSG)- NonProfit division up and running.

A bit of context:

TSYS Group has four pillars:


Each of them is designed/intended to be 100% independent, including the Board of Directors and legal entities etc.

This e-mail is to start the process of bringing the NonProfit pillar into existence. The three of you are my current candidate slate for the Board.

Broad context, I am finishing up bizops/techops for the next few weeks. This is to establish the core systems/processes in order to support the entire group.

I believe that we can utilize the extensive Free Network Foundation (FNF) work done by myself and others in 2011 timeframe to fundraise and get volunteers for the non profits. This is why the FNF blog and wiki (https://www.thefnf.org and https://commons.thefnf.org/index.php?title=Main_Page ) were so critical to restore.

I want to be mostly hands off with the non profits . My main focus is ensuring they are properly/legally setup as it involves certain ordered steps for related 501c3/c4/PAC. Currently three TX Non Profit corporations exist with individual EINs. (See https://www.bolderadvocacy.org/resource/comparison-of-501c3-and-501c4-permissible-activities/ and https://www.bolderadvocacy.org/resource/the-connection-strategies-for-creating-and-operating-501c3s-501c4s-and-political-organizations/ )

We will be utilizing ERPNext for accounting ( https://erpnext.com ) (this is the TSG wide back office)
We will be utilizing CiviCRM for volunteer/campaign/fundraising etc management. ( https://civicrm.org ) (this is specific to the non profit pillar, other parts of TSYS use different tools) CiviCRM is uniquely suited to the needs of non profits.

The BoD will have full access to all aspects of the organization. Complete overview as needed/desired.

I would be happy to help put the word out for a management slate , once we’ve got things better established.

Currently we do not have bank account/paypal/stripe setup. The reason for this, is that e-trade (online, industry leading security , no fees is why we are going with them) requires a 990 along with certificate. No problem, just go to IRS and file e-postcard. Except that the portal doesn’t find the EINs. I’ve attempted to contact the IRS and waited on hold for extended periods of time. This needs to be resolved, so we can fundraise the seed money (about 2k) to pay the 501c3/c4 filing fees. Also I need todo the FEC filings for the PAC (and will want to transfer that going forward).

IT/accounting/back office functions are run by TSYS wide IT. No worries on that front .


On 7/14/20 12:56 PM, Gerard Jimenez wrote:

Charles, it looks like your focus on the structural foundation of the nonprofit is on point.

Thank you.

I know it takes a lot of time and energy to get it all done. Kudos for what you’ve done so far.

It does take time! The end of the prep/foundation etc work is near. Few more weeks. :slight_smile:

I do have a couple of questions for you.

Of course. Ask anytime.

What will the mission of the nonprofit be? I presume to support the work of FNF, is that correct?

Right. That is correct.

See https://commons.thefnf.org/index.php?title=Ends_and_Means for some depth.

I can’t currently locate our vision/mission statement , but will do so.

The FNF somewhat died out for various reasons. It lost it’s (hard earned) 501c3 status. So AFABN is stepping into the gap. However (if possible/legal0 AFABN can stay somewhat “behind the scenes” and exist as an entity for the donations, but the FNF “brand” can be front/center (because of rich history/community etc)

If so I’m guessing that there will be a legislative advocacy/lobbying component, correct?

Correct. Due to the continuing erosion of net neutrality , high cost of internet connectivity and a suspension of the free market (normally when a commodity service is over charged, it would get “disrupted”) however AT&T has spent to make that not happen (and gotten massive state/federal subsidies besides) ( https://newnetworks.com/ShortSCANDALSummary.htm )

And if so it will probably require state and federal government work, correct?

Yes. I want to partner up with https://ilsr.org , but not sure of the 501c4/PAC aspects (if any) of that organization. See most people get squeamish around politics. it is critically necessary to work at state/federal level and fix these problems. We must fix the environment, or the network will not flourish.

Will there be a philanthropic component? Are there any other areas of focus that you see being included?

Not that I am aware of. However things need to progress will be how they progress. I am excited to see what the org comes up with! I am here to help it get planted, put everyone from my Rolodex together and ensure we all stay legal! :slight_smile:

The slightly broader context…

Suborbital makes the balloons / RackRental trains owners to operate the balloons

AFABN / SDG prepare the political environment to allow the network to flourious

HFNOC as a co-op (with super strong bylaws etc) operates the network (really thousands of small networks) . (this is an answer to feedback about "well how do you not end up becoming another AT&T)