TSYS Group History

TSYS Group begin in 2011.

An entity was formed , Free Network Foundation. It built and operated FreedomTowers at Occupy New York and Occupy Austin. Great places to stress test equipment, plans, processes etc. We learned a substantial amount. It went on to become a 501c3 non profit (that was a difficult journey ).

FNF wiki is the primary remaining work : https://commons.thefnf.org/index.php?title=Main_Page (it’s a restoration from backup ) as the “simple” infrastructure fell into disrepair, due to neglect from the FNF principals. Or “kids that got bored / ran to Berlin in 2016”. FNF fell apart due to a bad actor who decided he didn’t like me , said I was committing a coup … it was a mess. You can pursue the list archives: https://lists.thefnf.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo for all the gory details . We’ve always been public and transparent in our operations.

The bright spot of FNF, extensive media coverage etc is the huge social network that got created. We learned from talking with hundreds of interested parties that reached out to us, that people wanted “internet in a box”.

So TSYS Group (originally only Turnkey Network Systems LLC ) formed in late 2013 or so to respond to the demand for internet in a box. Very difficult todo as a non profit. Tax reasons etc.

Suborbital Systems and RackRental brands (and associated entities ) emerged from TSYS LLC. Axios Heart Stufios emerged as we turned a traditional coat center of graphics , fabrication etc into a profit center and rented out the spare capacity, same as we are doing with Reqfoot.

Redwood emerged a year ago , as we determined the need to pivot from self funded in the research and initial prototype stage, to external funded in the development and go to market stage. Naturally we also formed a family office .

Non profits (Americans For A Better Networi , Side Door Group) emerged to handle all the political and legislative aspects.