TSYS Electronics Lab - Tool inventory And Documentation

Inputs we used to build the list:

and just a general google of “electronics workbench setup” “electronics lab build” etc.

Our list contains everything in common between the above lists, as well as the unique items from each list, and a few additional items we’ve found to be useful.

This is a wiki post, and will be updated by everyone as we go forward. Since I did the initial build, I am doing initial documentation.

Non Electric tools (bench top)

Hand Tools Storage (bench top)

from bottom drawer to top drawer (with toolbox last) (we consider the drawers/toolbox a single unit) (see next section for the links to the drawers/toolbox containers we use)

Optics Drawer:

Screwdriver Drawer:

Cut / File / Strip Drawer:

Precision Tools Drawer:

Measuring Drawer

Soldering Drawer

Prototyping Drawer

Test Leads/ESD (some moved to Craftsman toolbox for space reasons)


Shelving to right of bench

Storage Containers