Technical tasks Charles needs todo for handoff

ReqFoot hand off

Reqfoot Overhead punch list:

  • Setup 3 external IP for Reqfoot 02:00:00:5f:ed:7f - CI/CD 02:00:00:ba:5d:32 - Beta 02:00:00:c4:35:b6 - Prod

  • setup 3 Bitwarden accounts (CI/CD,Beta,Prod)

  • setup 3 Bitwarden organization/collecitons (CI/CD,Beta,Prod)

  • Setup TSYS accounts for everone on this document and send Bitwarden account invites * setup envwarden and move app/db secrets to it

  • Move application admin passwords to Reqfoot org

  • setup all servers to use LDAP login (ucs domain join assistant)

  • setup LDAP groups:

  • reqfoot-it-ssh

  • reqfoot-it-appsuper

  • Setup srv4/5/ Apache forwards to srv(x):10000 so LLC members can access servers and perform routine admin tasks

  • Join servers to AD

  • Setup Webmin configuration to allow LDAP group reqfoot-it-ssh ability to login

  • setup bastillion

  • configure Reqfoot tenant