Suborbital Pitch Deck Outline


Suborbital Systems LLC is a Texas based technology firm focused on the development and delivery of High Speed Internet throughout the country by means of mass produced high altitude balloons carrying a laser and wifi package.

Suborbital Systems will finally bridge the communications gap that exists within the United States providing 47 million Americans with a secure access port to the World Wide Web while simultaneously providing vital communications to Agriculture/ Oil/ Gas/ Transport and Security services.


The network created by this system will act as a new digital market zone that will provide US consumers the ability to not only purchase goods but to develop new businesses with the SkyMesh network as the platform from which these new small businesses can launch and thrive.

Instead of seeking profit by investing in the infrastructure of countries in the developing world Suborbital Systems has decided to hitch their success to the innovation of the American people by developing, building and deploying their communications stack entirely within the USA.

The current market, although strong, does not provide enough room for innovation and growth potential for the American people. The United States is suffering from a skills gap exacerbated by the rise of low wages and underemployment. Automation and a hyper focus on re-purposing workers for todays tech market is not effective and sadly acts as a feedback mechanism for our current situation.

A west Virginia minor taught how to code will not develop the next great piece of software, not because of a lack of trying but mainly due to the reality that their world view has been shaped around developing and building for today. A service industry worker who has been made redundant by a machine may be able to learn how to code but what will they be coding, and for whom? The largest most successful firms today have their pick of the workforce and if we have an abundance of coders we will still be in the situation we have today. Depressed wages, underemployment and an ever shrinking middle class.

Suborbital Systems does not ask why this is happening, instead we asks the harder and more elusive question:

How do we provide current workers high paying meaningful employment while building wealth for future generations of American workers?

Their answer is simple: Suborbital Systems is building the communications infrastructure of the future to supplant and eventually replace the fiber network that never came. The build out and deployment of such a network will provide well paying jobs to dislocated workers while providing a pipeline of information to locations depressed by current market realities. Future generations of Americans will be able to access information and influence the markets in ways that the current fiber network prohibits simply due to its logistical limitations.

But wasn’t the introduction of the Internet supposed to solve these problems? How can Suborbital Systems promise so much and at what cost? How does Suborbital expect to avoid the pitfalls of the current platforms we depend so much on? And most important of all, what will it look like and will we be able to access Facebook and Google??

Asking these questions of themselves Suborbital Systems set to work. First off the availability of the World Wide Web has been deceptive. Dependant on telephone networking and hardware the initial roll out of the Internet was flawed, although highly adaptive technical innovations have helped spread it from coast to coast (DSL, Cellular, Satellite stacks, WiFi), the system has never been able to shake off the “brace” of fiber optics cords that have hindered its ability for it to run free through Middle America.

The current structure of the communications market leads to inflated prices, but more importantly it has lead to a lack of information and services for 7% of the US population who are unable to seek opportunities for employment or options in education, all of this is simply due to limitations of the network itself. Sub-Orbital Systems solution to the problems of roll out are simple by leveraging the knowledge acquired in seemingly unconnected areas of study with the known issues of the current network Sub-Orbital Systems will bridge the middle mile gap. But How???

The greatest misconception with technology is that its solutions must be overly complex and require a deep knowledge of networks and programming. However history has shown that the best solutions are the ones that appear to be complex at first but are actually simple and elegant. The greatest minds have known this secret, from Sun-Tzu to Albert Einstein, armed with this knowledge Sub-Orbital Systems decided to take effective yet misunderstood networks (Mesh Networking) and fused them with well understood technologies, namely high altitude balloons, Sub-orbital’s system is both dynamic and effective in providing quality access to the World Wide Web.

The Orbiter: High altitude balloons have been used for decades, providing both enthusiast and the United States Government the ability to reach the edge of Space. The materials necessary to build them is simple as is their deployment. Their operating altitude keeps them out major flight paths by simply floating above commercial aircrafts ceiling. Their max altitude also prevents them from adding to the ever growing amount of space debris. The Orbiter’s function in the Sky-Mesh system is to drift at high altitude, functioning as ground-to-Orbiter and Orbiter-to-Orbiter relay system. In theory, one could bounce a packet literally around the world with the right routing. The benefits of such a system are as follows.

Freedom Stations: Strategically positioned in the southwestern United States to accept orbiters during their re-entry process the Freedom launch and service stations are full service where Orbiters are inspected refurbished and re-launched, allowing Sub-Orbital to re-use most, if not all parts Orbiters repeatedly, ensuring that the materials meet the highest standards of quality and adding to the reliability of the Sky-Mesh network .

Freedom Towers: Locally constructed and maintained the Freedom Towers act as the spine of the Sky-Mesh network. Almost all communication networks today rely on satellite transmissions beamed down to centralized hubs and then transmitted to consumers via fiber optic cables. This may seem efficient and cutting edge however the fact remains that logistical issues with fiber optic cables, the cost of satellite launches and maintenance

The cost of construction and materials is cheaper than building satellites giving Sub-Orbital the ability to produce the Orbiters on a scale necessary for constant communication Satellite Communications require constant guidance and are expensive to place. Fiber Optic systems require clear line of sight and their deployment is usually hindered by topographic obstacles.

Sky-Mesh’s Orbiter system is highly scalable and cost efficient. It’s ability to utilize the well known patterns of the Jet Stream help save capital most companies expend fuel and guidance systems. By beaming their signals to the surface Sky-Mesh avoids the topographic obstacles that cost current service providers both in regards to deployment expenses as well as signal strength.

The Orbiters are operational for up to thirty (30) days, orbiting the globe eight (8) times within that period, their ability to be retrieved, serviced and relaunched gives Sub-Orbital Systems a distinct advantage in regards to safety and signal strength.

The Freedom Stations provide Sub-Orbital Systems the ability to monitor Orbiters and gives them the ability to “Cut Down” any Orbiters that is defective.

Each Station is fully equipped with the ability to service and launch Orbiters. This gives Sub-Orbital Systems the unique ability to maintain a consistent operations. When on Orbiter comes down at one station another is prepped and ready to launch in its place.

Regional positioning within the Southwestern corridor of the United States provides Sub-Orbital Systems the ability retrieve and maintain Orbiters but more importantly these locations provide Sub-Orbital with the ability to offer regional training as well as support to network administrators.