Spending Policy Guidelines

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Corporate Spending Policy

All employees with company credit cards should follow these rules and guidelines for their use.
Hard rules

No personal expenditures on the card, period.
Save all receipts for company card purchases.
Any expenditure more than $1,000 will require approval of an officer before executing.


If we need it, get it, if it's under $1000.
Explanations of purchases under the capex ($1000) limit are appreciated by your direct manager but not strictly required.
Tools bought on the company card should stay on company property (eg, the shop for tools involved in manufacturing) and should be purchased with this in mind.
Send your direct manager a high-res, readable, picture of the business portion of a receipt, and save the physical copy for accounting purposes.
    These can be turned in to your direct manager as needed to save on physical space.
    Forward electronic receipts as appropriate.