Some thoughts on automated advocacy

Side Door advocacy is designed to provide continuous “feet to the fire” for elected officials at all levels of government.

The flow is:

  1. constituent signs up and provides name, zip code , keywords of interest , (at least one) contact method. This information is iron clad protected (from the side door advocacy bylaws to policy and procedures to technical methods ). It is never used in any capacity beyond the single use of providing automated engagement prompts to the constituent. The mail should have a button for supporting and a button for opposing the legislation.

  2. using various data aggregation efforts such as OpenStates we have a mail merge process that every 24 hours searches data sources and alerts the constituent with any matches of the keywords of interest a piece of legislation and generates a form letter that the constituent can one click approve and it gets sent to their elected official from (on behalf of) the constituent.

This removes all barriers to engagement. It automates what is traditionally a labor intensive process.

We would need to cover server and mailgrid charges. A 2.99 a month fee or so ought to cover the costs.