Roll up from last update

Apologies to everyone for the lack of updates.

To a certain extent , I’ve been chasin my tail , or so it seems like. Motion not progress . However that eventually flips over into progress


  1. reqfoot spin out is occupying most of my time and attention. It’s starting to get very nicely. I’ve got a large block of time carved out over next 72 hours to complete delivery of my piece of the project as contractor CTO/architect.

  2. major news. Web server stability issues are finally fixed. Ended up bypassing the router after isolating the issue to the router. Having a stable app environment enables numerous things to move forward with great speed now.

  3. capital raising proceeds nicely. Growing the org chart out , putting decks together etc. having calls with institutional money managers.

  4. I’m just about finished with all the backlog , housekeeping etc. so much overhead to building a company.

I’ll be posting much more frequent updates going forward . Lots going on over next several days and through end of the year.