PocketMesh sales lead questions

Questions for potential customers

These questions are meant as jumping off points for communicating the value that P,Mesh will bring to potential costumers. Other than the basic demographic questions which can be answered short responses the questions are meant to lead us to discussing benefits of the P.Mesh as a sales/ presentation force multiplier.

Demographic Questions

What is your age and hoe long have you been involved with sales and conventions?

How does this expenditure affect your companies annual income?

What is your position within the company that you represent?

Where is your company primarily located?

Psycho-graphic Questions

What is the main goal of your Co. and how much do you see being able to communicate securely being a part of attaining that goal?

Buying Pattern Questions

How much do you or the Co. spend on hardware such as battery chargers, WiFi equipment, security/ encryption services?

What is your Companies annual expenditures in regards to data based communication?

What vendors do you use to find these items?

How often do you purchase or are you issued items such as Battery chargers, WiFi gear, security/ encryption services?

In your opinion what drives the purchasing decisions of your Co.? Ease of use, price, ability to solve multiple issues at once?

What is your typical budget for communications items?

How  often do you or your Co. seek out new communication equipment? Would this be based on need of availability of high quality equipment at the right price?

Benefits Questions

What features do you look for when you purchase communications equipment?

What specific benefits do you look for in your communications equipment?

What problems motivate you to purchase?

How much time do you spend on setting up your presentation equipment? What could you be doing to prepare if you did not have to worry about this aspect of your job? How much more value would you get out of your prep time and what would you say that value is worth to you?

How valuable would one piece of office hardware be to you if it assisted in your communications both with costumers as well as within your company?