PocketMesh Original Marketing Plan

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Built for Professionals, Creatives and Tech Families Pocket Mesh is a simple elegant and innovative hardware solution. Solving today’s networking problems. Here you will be able to dive deeper into what makes Pocket Mesh your next great hardware purchase.

Connect:  With so much Free WiFi out there why waste your high speed data plan?  Pocket Mesh's WiFi Hotspot seeker feature helps you avoid paying for larger than needed Data Plans and lets you save your Mobile Data for when you really need it.  Its your data use it wisely with Pocket Mesh.  (ad data charges)

Protect: Access the Net as an Individual with the confidence of a Tech Giant. With our Auto VPN, Ad Blocking and Firewall features Pocket Mesh gives you the ability to access the internet like a Tech Pro without having to work like one. Our Pocket I.D feature gives you the ability to share content, collaborate and communicate with your friends, family or team seamlessly and securely.

Recharge: Two Tech birds one hardware stone. Avoid carrying slow and heavy battery chargers and simply place a high speed charge in your pocket. Pocket Mesh is a single item solution to your multiple device charging needs. Verified in field tests Pocket Mesh’s Hyper Charge feature provides an average power gain of one bar per minute. Combined with the capabilities to Plug and Play and the Hot Swap battery replacement option Pocket Mesh extends your digital life

Pocket Mesh (Device Network Administrator):

“Connects, Protects and Recharges your digital life”: Pocket Mesh is an elegant hardware based solution to your home and office network management needs. With our initial device you will be able to connect to the Internet through any open network with the confidence that only our auto VPN and ad blocking features can provide. Using our Pocket ID system you’ll be able to connect with your family, friends and associates Seamlessly and securely. Content sharing through Pocket Mesh is not only secure but is also (finally) intuitive since our “switch” conversion feature transfers and manages file types between operating systems. Perfect for family communications networks, small businesses and artist collectives. We proudly offer the Pocket Mesh D.N.A for pre-order here(thiswillbealink)

Pocket Pro (Mobile Ready Network Administrator):

Take the Power, Confidence and Functionality of the Pocket Mesh DNA wherever life or business may take you.  Combined with a 512 Gb SD for greater storage capacity the Pocket Pro MRNA is a fully contained, no external drive needed enhancement to the already powerful and efficient Pocket Mesh DNA.  Bundled with attachments such as a portable projector (Follow link here) which allows you to avoid the frustration of presentation errors the MRNA is a one stop Pocket Office.  Armed with greater storage capacity, faster running speeds and the option for bundling addition hardware the MRNA is perfect for the jet setting professional presenting their companies annual strategy to dominate the market, the Creative pitching the next summer blockbuster or the start up founder seeking the tools that will help them share their vision with their team and the world.  If you loved the Pocket Mesh DNA but feel like you need more, we proudly present the Pocket Pro MRNA for Pre-order (link)

Four SKU actually.

  1. general consumer. 250.00. 2) pro pack with large internal storage and backup drive. 1k MSRP 3) international crippled crypto version. (much later) 4) gov’t version. (“dark” sku)

For (target customer) Who (statement of need or opportunity), (Product name) is a (product category) That (statement of key benefit). Unlike (competing alternative) (Product name)(statement of primary differentiation).

CNW Take (pmesh):

For (middle class users with multiple mobile devices)

Who (need to connect, protect, recharge their digital life), (PocketMesh) is a (consumer electronics product) That (statement of key benefit). Unlike (competing alternative) (Product name)(statement of primary differentiation).

We need to decide how much we are willing to spend to “Buy” each new costumer

I. Executive Summary Sub-Orbital Systems LLC., is a small, technology based corporation in its fifth year of development, they are transitioning from company/product development to entering the market with their new hardware series. Sub-Orbital Systems LLC.'s current product line focuses on the Pocket Mesh hardware, which is the first tier of a multi tiered strategy focused on developing low cost high speed Internet access to millions of American living in areas of the country that are underdeveloped and under-served by the current market giants (Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, etc.). Sub-Orbital will not own these networks or provide services, but will act as the facilitator for independent groups seeking to build their own “Networks” within a broader mesh network managed through Sub-Orbital LLC.'s parent company. Later products will include items such as the Freedom Stack but these products and services will hinge on the success of Sub-Orbital’s initial product offering, namely the Pocket Mesh Series. Sub-Orbital’s 5 main employees and contracted staff face many challenges within the coming year as they seek to launch their first product series. Their current line of products the Pocket Mesh series has no real competition however the fact that this product is more of a “new” market generator brings forth many different challenges then simply barriers to entry. The product line will require a marketing strategy focused on introducing consumers to a new hardware option that is currently being met by a myriad of other options, the brand will need to focus on building recognition and amplifying its benefits as a one piece solution to multiple Tech. hardware concerns.

An evaluation of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats served as the foundation for this strategic analysis and marketing plan. The plan focuses on the company’s growth strategy, suggesting ways in which it can build on existing customer perceptions, and on the development of new product services targeted to specific customer niches. Since Sub-Orbital will be marketing a hardware series it is currently considered an electronics retailer.

II. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Founded as a hardware retailer Sub-Orbital systems will look to evolve its product line from hand held Internet access ports to infrastructure development materials in the coming years. Their main focus at this time though is on the Pocket Mesh Series and its successful launch. Developed by Mathew House and Charles Wyble Sub-Orbital’s Pocket Mesh series aims to provide consumers with a secure and seamless gateway to the Internet, with the intent of releasing the hardware specification once market presence has been established Sub-Orbital’s main product offering will evolve from individual hardware pieces (Pocket Mesh Series) to software based products (Network subscriptions), Infrastructure materials (Freedom Stack) and possibly new innovative product lines (Pocket Home/ Mesh Clothing). Aiming for a market launch within July-August Sub-Orbital’s team is preparing for a long haul sprint to from development to Market Phase 1.

A. The Marketing Environment

  1. Competitive forces.