PocketMesh M2.5 build notes and lessons learned

This is a list of iterative changes noted to the 2.5 build during the build process.

  1. Use IDE ribbon cables as wiring harness.

  2. when cutting the harness, mark GPIO and ground with red and white sharpie at base of harness.

  3. Color Code the heat shrink on the LED leads so they can be visually identified. Yellow, Blue, Green, White.

  4. apply power through both pin 2 -and- pin 4, it seems to reduce thermal load.

  5. run ground to pin 6 and pin 9, again, seems to reduce thermal load, and gives us about a tenth of an amp drop in draw at the battery pack.

  6. looking at the unit from the front, LEDs are, from left to right are Yellow, Green, Blue, White.

  7. Yellow is connected to GPIO 17 (pin 11)

  8. Green is connected to GPIO 23 (pin 16)

  9. Blue is connected to GPIO 27 (pin 13)

  10. White is connected to GPIO 22 (pin15)

  11. The cable needs to be cut with the flat side to the wall of the unit, so it can glue smoothly to the inside of the housing.

  12. On the IDE ribbon, cut leads 1,3,5,7-8,10,12,17,19,21,23,24,26-28,35,38,40

13 put a red heat shrink around leads 2 and 4, making a single lead.

14 do the same on pins 6 and 9, but with black hs.

15 when installing wifi units, make sure to test unit by plugging it into something before stripping it and hardwiring it.

Can multiple GPIOs share a common ground?