PocketMesh Hardware Requirements

the PMESH hardware requirements break down into 3 catagories

  1. The Raspberry Pi itself.

    Notes - currently, we’re using a desoldering station, and modding the pi to meet our requirements with a soldering iron,
    removing one of the USB blocks, and removing the power socket to attach directly.

  2. A USB wifi radio module.

    Notes - we are currently using USB wifi dongles, cracking the housings, and hard-wiring the dongle to the pi.

  3. A battery pack/management board.

    Notes - we found a nice power management board inside the new battery pack we’re using, and we’re splicing power off the
    main power controls at the USB output of the battery pack. It seems to work well so far. Currently, we’re back-feeding power through pins 2,4
    and 6 on the GPIO of the Pi, but that bypasses a lot of the Pi’s power protection circuitry. Newer versions will route power through the Pi’s
    normal path, using the Pi’s protective circuit.