PocketMesh Custom Pi Board requirements

delete one USB header/ rotate 180 degrees, either or.

rotate the RJ45 socket 90 degrees clockwise.

delete the audio port

Delete the camera ribbon mount

install second USB stack in the place of the USB port, pointed in the same direction as the RJ45 port (where the audio port and camera ribbon used to be)

delete the microusb, and replace it with a 5VDC set of pin headers (2 pin or 4 pin, 4 pin preferred)

need more info about their power management add-ons. they claim they can do battery intergration and power management, tell me more?

Also, the ad copy claimed they can add more RAM?

Board does not have to be a pi 3, could be a compute module, if the main board is build right.

what’s key is that the RJ 45, external USB, power charge USB, and HDMI are all on the same side of the board, to provide a unified I/O stack