Plan and log for 09/02/2020

Hoping to finish todo posting and archive posting today .

Did a good amount of techops work yesterday, which I had planned to start today but ended up getting pulled into yesterday.

Here’s today’s plan:

Unfortunately I was unable to finish archive and todo posting.

Instead I:

  1. cleaned up TSYS mailing list and pulled in all addresses from archives
  2. briefed BoD on the mailing list , campaigns so far etc
  3. assisted BoD with starting form/storm/norm/perform process
  4. tracked down a bug causing significant service availability impact (SSLTickets off) resulting from patching the TSYS web server due to recent vulnerabilities
  5. Tracked down and fixed a cause of high I/o on the server which increased stability substantially.
  6. fixed ERP system also “broken” by application patching. A simple bounce of the VM (needed for system patching and kernel updates ) resolved the issue.
  7. captured some lingering techops todos to Microsoft todo
  8. fixed Nextcloud sync on phone / laptop / tablet to use instead of VPN path
  9. fixed a typo reported to me in the BoD manual

I’m sure I forgot a few other odds and ends

Hoping to get archives fully published tomorrow.