Original PocketMesh spec and brain dump

Apr 24, 2016 Charles Wyble

Positioning Statement :

Tag line: Turnkey, secure, personal communications for everyone
Making networks personal again.
Link dump:
Dev stuff

Target sale price:
Marketing stragey:

   problem defintion:

increasing connected world
coherent mesh
phone/tablet et al
lots of rf
unify connectivity
change that…
Network swiss army knife
ease of use
two functions

  1. unifies personal device cloud
    no external access
    file sharing seamlessly and directly (no cloud)
    outside firewall/vpn/active best path search
    saves huge on data bills from the incumbents

  2. network connectivity
    legit internet
    direct path
    instant mobile LAN/WAN
    exchange ZeroTier ID
    incredibly simple/streamlined
    no network expertise required
    $149.99 retail/qty 1
    reduction in volume
    $99.00 at volume
    consumer electronics curve
    Not a crippleware SOHO ap
    Real computer , real performance
    Full OS and stack
    Specific feature set vertical
    Completely software upgradeable , extremely long life (7 year product cycle)
    Excellent future proofing, solid ecosystem, hardware upgradeabilty with nothing more than a reboot on a new board.
    We live in an increasingly connected world, where the connectivity of our our devices has evolved independently, and without an over-arching structure. Smartphones, tablets and personal computers, all connect, and manage those connections in different ways. Controlling those connections, sharing data between your devices, and managing your security is extremely challenging,and time consuming.
    PocketMesh makes it quick and simple.
    All your personal devices log into the PocketMesh which functions as a smart router and protection layer for all your devices. It allows you to seamlesslyshare data across all your personal devices, and can be used to store and share files instantly and directly.
    But how does that make networks personal and simple?
    We’ve talked about how PocketMesh connects your devices, but how does it connect you?
    On the outward facing side of PocketMesh, It starts by looking for a legitimate path to the internet. Once it finds those routes, it remembers them. It looks for other units in the area, and shares route path data with them. If one unit has network access, it can share that access with other pmesh units. For collaboration, you can connect to other pmesh users by entering their pmesh name and clicking a button, creating a local network with them.
    aggressively scans for legitimate routes to the internet.
    Shares routes with other pocket mesh devices.
    Automatically meshes with other pmesh units to create mesh network to create paths to the internet
    Creates personal networks with other pmesh users simply by entering their pmesh name and clicking a button
    questions :

    How will said file sharing be handled?