Orbiter prototype - avionics - 2020

I have gotten all the parts for the avionics components together. Here they are in the lab:

image image image image image image

The components above will become our avionics test bed.

The components will allow us to fully test

  • Position/Navigation/Timing
  • telemetry
  • para-foil control
  • orbiter to orbiter relay/communication
  • multiple orbiter to (multiple) ground station
  • IMU
  • Solar runtime
  • Auto recovery from failure
  • Cut off of the payload power for regulatory purposes
  • sensing (temp/humidity) etc

The whole setup is portable , allowing for easy field testing in whatever conditions we can get to.

The avionics package is the core (FAA/ITAR) regulated component of the orbiter. It will be a sealed unit with it’s own (redundant) power systems, hardware watchdog etc.

More to come soon, as R&D spins up.