NonProfit Structured Brain Dump - lets get this thing underway


Here are my notes on the non profits .

Current BoD: Charles , Patti, Dave Schudel

We have adopted pro forma bylaws. I will upload them to the Office 365 workspace

TX non profit corporations are formed and in good standing , EIN obtained.

No bank account yet , due to being unable to file 990 with IRS, due to EIN not being found.

Records of above are organized on TSYS file share and up to date .

I have organized all of my FNF related information (which was in email) to a single shared mailbox. I’m cleaning it up and will put it all in the shared workspace.

I can offer 12 hours per week to the non profits , through the end of July (and at least one 24 hour weekend to do a big push for launch ).

My involvement must be limited from

practical (very busy with for profit side)
legal (arms length , not sharing management with an org that directly benefits TSYS (per PAC/501c4 rules )standpoint .

My focus re non profits is on formation, compliance, governance and making introductions.

The key early stage tasks :

A minimal management team needs to get put together
Volunteers recruited
Members signed up and donating

I can help with candidates for the first two items from my contacts. Or at least I hope I can. Peoples situations change etc.

Once we’ve got things a bit more formed up , we can announce an FNF reboot / AFABN migration and also get people introduced to side door .

Charles N Wyble
818 280 7059