Non profit - let’s get it underway quickly please


I had a meeting with Dave today. I got all his technical access issues resolved. He has full access to all things related to the non profit.

For reference that’s:

Governance Portal
NonProfit Portal
NonProfit task area of the TSYS task system website (wordpress) website (wordpress)

Him and I are meeting tomorrow from 3pm to 6pm to work on the non profit.

I have sent invites to him (and to Gerard/Jon) for everything from my archives for FNF/AFABN/SDG.

I want to get the Non Profit 100% handed off ASAP! I need to focus on the capital raise, R&D, building out two additional board of directors and getting the reqfoot spin out finished. I can’t be baby sitting the non profit. I say that as respectfully and thoughtfully as I can.

I have made myself as available as possible, I have kept detailed notes, provided the notes, provided lots of reference material. I would greatly appreciate if the non profit committee can step in/step up. If anything is needed from me, LET ME KNOW! To the best of my knowledge, I have completed all of my outstanding action items at this time.

Going forward, I will be serving in the role of backup Board/corporate secretary. Dave will be serving as primary secretary. His access now matches mine (with one exception, the passwords for IRS / bank / finance systems etc, he will be getting access to all that tomorrow).

I will serve as primary treasurer, with Dave being backup treasurer. I will open the bank accounts and be the primary account holder and handle the tax filings (with BoD CC on everything). This will be integrated with TSYS Group wide audit/accounting/finance systems (coming online very soon).

I want to move forward with introducing big donors etc from my network. I don’t want to burn those contacts on something that isn’t organized and ready. As always, I want to assist. If I haven’t provided adequate support, assistance, guidance , or if I am missing any deliverables to the committee, please let me know.

I believe this message should tie everything together, provide clear go-forward direction, unblock things and generally get things moving!

Thank you for reading.

I am not mad, I am not frustrated, I am not disappointed. Things haven’t gotten off to a great start by any means. I take full responsibility for this. I am spread very thin. This is where we take the necessary action to course correct and get things moving nicely.

Charles N Wyble
Founder TSYS Group
Phone: 818 280 7059