Non Profit Committee - a few thoughts

(sent 09/02/2020 by Charles)


I wanted to clarify a few things.

  1. my (go forward) role : I am the committee secretary. I am recused from voting , being involved in hiring etc.

I am here to facilitate the committees work. Document it. Ensure compliance and proper setup of 501c3/c4/PAC.

  1. My current role is providing the material from FNF archives (which you’ve all been invited to edit in Sandstorm and has also been posted to the forum ).

I will also introduce talent and donors in q4 or q1 2021.

  1. the Committee must not wait on me , must not involve me , must act with autonomy. I am not the chair , not the decider etc. please do not wait on me! If the committee needs anything at this early stage such as guidanc etc I can provide it. Please tell me what you need , speak up , be loud and proud and engage ! Please coordinate amongst yourselves . We have a VTC service you can use :

Please utilize it for meetings .

I’m handing off the non profit aspects of the group as fully and completely as I can . I’ll do what I can to setup for success , but it’s really up to you guys to take leadership and execute.

I’m completely slammed in September with delivering business and IT systems , obtaining government small business certifications etc. All of that is necessary in order to fundraise across the group.

Feel free to meet amongst yourselves , come up with a list of questions/comments/concerns/requests for information and then invite me to a committee meeting to discuss (or just email me the list). It’s much better for you guys to pull what you need from me , than for me to push what I think you need.


In q4 I’ll be sitting down and drawing up the strategic plan for the for profit part of the group, business plan, some fundraising material etc.

On the non profit side , I have sent all of you just a few emails over past several weeks with materials for you guys to consume. Please do so! Plenty of material for making a fundraising deck. I hope you’ve filed me emails away! :slight_smile: it’s not the best system I agree. However it’s what I had available.