Log update for 8/29/2020

It’s been a productive few days. I’m continuing to move more and more content from semi structured / private / closed / disparate repositories to open and organized repositories.

I’m also doing some techops tasks in advance of the big September push.


Plan for rest of the day : finish uploading archives.

breaks down to


Archive ingestion of my entire bookmarks collection is underway. It will take sometime to complete.

I’ve got large chunks of Subo wiki migrated into discourse. PocketMesh is fully moved over. I’m working on finishing Bridge/Sky mesh and HFNOC orbiter.

I am going through one last chunk of email messages to capture any remaining material.

It will be a somewhat ongoing process for a couple weeks most likely , especially as more folks join the forum and discussion begins in earnest.

Oh yes , I got the IP documentation in the IPAM cleaned up and the firewall. So I’ll be able to route traffic to TSYS-dc-02 shorty and can actually get people LDAP accounts !