High Flight Orbiter TRL evaluation

The Orbiter breaks down into 5 major sub assemblies.

Solar system:

The solar system consists of a network of light-weight solar cells affixed to the parafoil, and wired together to feed power to the Avionics systems, and store power for night time. Most of this is situated at TRL 5 to 7, leaving us with the task of filtering the vendor space for power to weight ratios.


the actual parafoil itself is also TRL6-8 as it’s known technology in common use. The deployment system, however, has not be tested yet, and while it passes basic engineering validation, it can only be classed as TRL 5 at best.


This section can only be classed as TRL 3 at best. There is so much we don’t know in this space, and we don’t even have a ‘well, this -should- work’ level of development. We need an outside expert, and a bunch of testing to bring this up to speed.


TRL- 5-7. made out of carbon fiber tubing, epoxy, and a couple of specialized 3d printed joints, all of this is fully developed, we just need to CAD out the rough sketches, optimize for weight, and assemble one.


TRL 6-7. We know what we need, all of the tech is mature, we just have to iterate for weight and space.