First Non Profit committee meeting - meeting notes

Here are the notes from the working session meeting.

  • BoD is to review AFABN mission/vision statement and discuss.

  • BoD is to set objectives/goals. A working board (at least for now)

  • BoD has requested I hold off on donor introductions etc, until BoD “has it’s act together”

  • BoD is to process any e-mails they have from Charles. At very least organize them into a folder, read any linked materials, come up with questions (either amongst BoD and/or to Charles)

  • BoD is to draft mission/vision statement for SideDoorGroup.

  • Gerard is to define (more formally) Charles scope of involvement

  • Dave Schudel mentioned that AFABN -MUST- be fully neutral, mention all paths to internet transit. (See FNF wiki and TSYS forum for efforts already undertaken in that regard)

Charles action items (all underway, and/or blocked by TSYS Group spinning out back office/IT systems to separate company)

  • Link to editable bylaws

  • Setup BoD logins (Dave S has his, others remain)

  • Upload formation documents to system of record, link to BoD

  • Send invites to the password vault (pending NDA execution and also formal appointment of directors)

Key items mentioned at meeting:

  • Wireless Networks in the Developing World (currently the best manual , but somewhat high level)

  • Institute for local self reliance (best org for helping make the case for community/cooperative networking/internet access) (AFABN fills the “now what” gap

Key major next steps for BoD (milestones)

  • Donor outreach: (pre-requisite blockers, tasks, materials)

*Press outreach: (pre-requisite blockers, tasks, materials)

*Community outreach: (pre-requisite blockers, tasks, materials)

  • BoD committee candidate outreach: (pre-requisite blockers, tasks, materials)

I believe that is everything.

I am available most afternoon/evenings for a working and/or formal BoD meeting. I am in final phases of finalizing business/IT systems and handoff thereof. That will keep me swamped for a few more weeks, but I have some bandwidth to help move the non profit forward.

  • Donor outreach: (pre-requisite blockers, tasks, materials)

Charles N Wyble

Founder TSYS Group 818 280 705