End of day update 08/24/2020

i am happy. i am coming to the tail end of the milestone “reducing myself as a bottleneck”.

the last few weeks :

  • i got the infrastructure framework for the non profit components setup . FNF website/wiki partially restored. new sites landing pages up.

  • i got all of my research data / repositories (files/git) organized. made lots of things public/transparent that previously weren’t.

  • i now have a newsletter system setup. it will be much easier to send out periodic updates to interested parties now. it was frustrating having to manually BCC everyone and having to send same email multiple times to different addresses because i forgot people

  • the TSYS group has minimum viable governance in place. (BoD manual, non profit committee charter, for profit committe charter)

a few more hours and i’ll have all the lingering bits wrapped up.

Here’s a couple screenshots of my MS todo list.

Day plan start:
image !