Competitive Overview

Internet from the sky is the next big frontier.

The ISR capabilities are also a large marker segment.

here’s the top competitors

Of course spacex itself is a potential competitor , but I predict that will not go well. FCC granted a very time restricted license , the satellites will come down after a few years , Musk has shown a significant inability to effectively lead a corporation etc.

Also spectrum availability is significantly limited and OneWeb is now owned by UK and India and is a significant spectrum holder.

In the niche of mass scale , low cost, rapidly deployable, easily recoverable / serviceable , highly standardized , stealth (optional) solution ,we have ZERO competition.

We have numerous customers lined up and actively interested in our solution.

Nothing is in the DoD pipeline either USG developed or commercially awarded that can deliver this capability and capacity intersection.

Some one off solutions exist that provide similar capabilities. Nothing exists that’s focused on massive scale (capacity).