Charles cumulative update

Been awhile since I published an update.

Spent all day working with a TSYS contractor to get a prototyping area setup at their site. CNC, 3d printing , soldering station etc . This will continue to become operationally ready over next few weeks. We will begin prottyping in earnest in q4

Saturday and Sunday:
Techops work.

Today I am finally posting up all todos and remainder of archives to kanboard and discourse.

The rest of September is closing techops and governance backlog.

Had a unique opportunity for a somewhat long in depth maintenance window at PFV.

Migrated from the physical router to an HA vm pair. The old physical router will become a third vm server and/or k3s node.

Lots todo this week for core techops. Moving fast now.

The new router pair is setup for all the new vlans for re numbering.

Todos and archives will have to wait and/or be slotted in when I get fed up with techops and need a break :slight_smile:

No updates. It was a busy week in my personal life. This coming week is looking pretty open though. :slight_smile: All is well.

This week is IT housekeeping and foundation building. Really I’ll be doing that through the end of the month.

Working on getting archives processed and todos posted today.