Avoiding cross contamination between TSYS For Profit and TSYS Non Profit


It is vital at TSYS Group to avoid cross contamination from for profit to non profit. With the recent layoffs that Mozilla announced, we see the dangers of the non profit being dependent on the for profit. It is imperative this DOES NOT HAPPEN at TSYS Non Profit.

I have put together a clear relationship statement and disclosure : https://nonprofit.turnsys.com/independence-and-control/
Please read, review and reply with any feedback.

I want to state (for the record, as all posts to this list are archived and public):

Charles N Wyble involvement with the Non Profit Committee is focused on:

  • governance of the Non Profit entities
  • compliance (a particular order and setup is needed for 501c3/c4/PAC)

Per the Committee charter, the Committee Secretary must be familiar with IRS compliance matters.

I Charles N Wyble hereby recuse myself from all Non Profit entity operational matters that may come to the Board.
I Charles N Wyble hereby recuse myself from all Non Profit Commitee voting , unless it relates to 501c3/c4/PAC setup.

Any issues I have as they related to governance and compliance will be disclosed to the whole Non Profit committee and they can decide to disclose to members if they deem it necessary , in compliance with the commiteee charter and entity bylaws.

Thank you for reading