AFABN outreach and fundraising

I’ve sent the board invites to sandstorm grains of the FNF outreach material, ported over to AFABN.

The key deliverables for AFABN in September are

  • Bylaws
  • 990 filing
  • Bank Account / stripe & PayPal
  • pre 501c3 fundraising to pay for the 501c3 filing fees and any legal or accounting expenses (hoping for 10k in donations )

To be clear re fundraising : I mean laying the groundwork for the fundraising in September. The actual fundraising efforts will be ongoing through q4 and into 2021.

Once I have completed my bizops / techops todo list (all of September is allocated to that), we should be in a much better foundational place for raising, in particular for putting an audit committee in place and a fundraising committee , as all the tools / systems / controls will be in place for them to be most effective .