2018 in review - an update from the CEO


I want to thank everyone for an absolutely fantastic year , and especially for this last quarter. Thank you to everyone for providing me with overwhelming support , assistance, guidance and providing relentless execution! You guys really made everything happen.

Highlights of 2018

  1. Implemented a functioning board of directors , and beginning of strong governance, oversight, controls necessary for steady growth next year. It really has helped with setting a steady monthly pace , and forced me to start more clearly enumerating vision , mission, strategy and plan. I’ll be calling on the board much more heavily next year to provide much stronger support and enablement.

  2. Acquired a large number of capital assets at PFV which are already providing strong returns and will continue todo so for sometime.

  3. in late q3 we exited most of our RackRental and R&D footprint in San Antonio and consolidated to PFV. This was for a variety of reasons , drive time being a big one, along with Matt and Joe being focused on personal cash flow for most of 2018 and being on furlough from TSYS. I want to give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Matt and Joe for the incredible , ongoing, unwavering support they’ve provided to TSYS over the past couple of years and being absolutely critical in enabling us to get to where we are today. They’ll be re joining TSYS on a more active basis once we close our institutional funding round and are actively providing design support and expertise as they are able to.

  4. Booked revenue with our axios heart business. I’m very pleased to be backing this venture. This is a massive win. Being able to show investors that we’ve gone through idea , team assembly , marketing/sales, revenue (quote to cash) multiple times is a massive leg up on the fundraising circuit. I’m incredibly excited and energized by this outcome.

  5. built out a strong management team and expanded our product/engineering team.

  6. An absolutely amazing IT infrastructure is now in place , we’ve got PKI , single sign on, monitoring etc. I want to thank everyone who helped make that happen. It’s a key enabler for many efforts across the company . A strong back office is absolutely vital for our success.

I’ve got quite a bit of backlog clearing and strategic / planning deliverables due this month. I’m going to be working closely with Andrew/Darren/Patti over the next couple weeks to close those out and close out the year.

I’ll see everyone in January at our company annual meeting , invites will be sent out for that soon.

Thank you everyone for an amazing year. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2019!