11/10 roll up update

It’s been a productive epoch.

  1. updated / rebuilt my weekly schedule / routine. Feel much better about doing the right things at the right time for the right amount of time .

  2. non profit board is starting to really gel. It’s been stop and start for awhile. I stepped in , galvanized and issued clear call to action. The board responded and is stepping in and stepping up. I’m glad. Meeting with another candidate for the non profit board on Thursday.

  3. for profit board is beginning to come together. Needs attention very soon.

  4. Subo team is shaping up. Strong engineering and management candidates being slotted in. Org chart forming. Next investor call I will have much to report .

  5. reqfoot … this is somewhat frustrating. The form/storm/norm/perform isn’t going as well as I had hoped. I expect to be code complete with the tech and biz stack this Friday. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that the product and company building has been proceeding in parallel to my tech stack development. I’ve stepped in, issued strong and clear call to action and conveyed the boards disappointment . Hopefully the reqfoot team gets it together. Otherwise the deal will be killed and another team will be found to deliver.

  6. posted a Craigslist ad. Two great meetings from that so far. Going to post some more re specific tsys FLO projects and hopefully put some teams together.

  7. worked around web server issues. Bypassed the router. Not ideal , but it was expedient.

That is all. A mixed bag. Much todo by 12/1 to finish 100% backlog burndown .