08/30/2020 plan

Plan is

  1. finish collection of data from email/wiki/file system into discourse , CRM, ERP

  2. capture all todos into the task system

  3. groom the todos into milestones

  4. start work on business application delivery


Got letsencrypt and HAProxy working for two vips on the wan router.

Nextcloud and password reset can now be utilized without the VPN. This sets us up for very rapid onboarding.

Took a good chunk of today to get sorted. It also lays the groundwork for the mid term (by April 2021) objectives of HA all the things .

I got more material from the archives into discourse.

Fixed some performance issues on the server.

Various techops overhead tasks like patching the farm.

The TSYS research archive continues to grow as I feed it more material from my archives.

Last couple of days have been filled with overhead tasks of personal and TSYS related nature.

Back into the saddle today (9/2).